7 definitions by baxter

1-slang word describing strong cocktails
2-cocktail containing 19 units/pint created at in a university flat in 2000, now popular in "the path tavern"
3-metal band formed in 2000
1- "man, that was a certain death"
2- "I'll have a certain death, please"
3- "certain death were good last night"
by baxter October 29, 2003
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short for the infamous insult 'doushe bag', this quipt will earn a laugh, whether used as an adjective OR a noun.
'Allen, ur such a doobag!'
by baxter September 11, 2003
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someone who actively engages in acts of gay sex. someone who likes to ride other mens arses.
by baxter April 7, 2004
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term used to express annoyance or distain directed at a person of unknown identity
fuck off McGarvey!!
by baxter April 7, 2004
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a stupid looking cat that you want to kick around like a ball.
Hey watch me kick that stupid sheeder around the place
by baxter May 21, 2004
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