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An insult commonly used against those who carry briefcases.
Bully: Look at that briefcase wanker!
Briefcase Wanker: Fuck off, faggot!
by badboyCHANCE October 24, 2010

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A Chelsea Grin (also known as a Chelsea Smile or a Glasgow Grin) is an act popular among British gangs which involves making a cut from the side of someones mouth all the way up to their ear. Due to the cut, it appears as if the victim is smiling. Thought to have originated from Glaswegian criminals but became popular among British football hooligan firms, in particular the Chelsea Headhunters.
Dennis: Let's give this cunt a Chelsea Grin!

Darren: Yeah alright, we can use the knife my mother got me for my birthday.

Cunt: Please, no, not the Chelsea Grin, anything but the notorious Chelsea Grin!
by badboyCHANCE October 30, 2012

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An RPG (Role Playing Game) situated on Habbo.com which was formally founded in 2004 but many argue its origins date back to as far as 2002. The RPG originally involved members role playing in as Italian Americans but over time members have expanded into role playing as other ethnic groups in the USA. Arguably hit its peak in terms of quality of role play and amount of members in 2009 but since then has been plagued by trolls such as the Habbo users Beef-Curry and Vinnie-Vice (Goterelli.) The RPG has been described as a "breeding ground" for role players who go on to bigger role plays such as LSRP.
Matt: Wanna' go on Habbo Hotel and play MafiaRPG?

Thomas: Yeah I need to do my collections anyway.
by badboyCHANCE October 30, 2012

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