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A shitty role play server full of pakis and pedophiles.
Krisk "Hey I will make you admin if you send me nude pictures" that's LSRP
by Klorontix May 12, 2018
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An online virtual reality game where anyone can choose to be whoever they want to be. This is one of the many servers of SAMP.

The rules of this community is strict as to enforce reality whenever possible. Every character has the opportunity to choose a path to take as to develop their character. There are several paths that one could take such as law enforcement, gang roleplay, mafia roleplay, doctor roleplay and much more.

Every character has to display their actions in written sentences, however many more actions are also scripted upon the server. To apply as to join this server, one has to write an application as to confirm that the english level is of standard since only that language is used on LSRP.
((LSRP))Damian says: How are things with the Los Santos Police Department then?
Andre says: Things are well, we have around 200 members at the moment and we keep growing with each recruitment drive. Relations with the San Andreas Sheriffs Department has never been better either!
Damian says: That's nice to hear, I've been consulting Laos lately to work on some new laws as to relate it with certain states of America too.
by LSRP Player 101 December 27, 2013
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