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A person who is a chameleon and can be your very best friend in the world. This person is so good they will practically become you. All your likes, dislikes, music tastes, books everything you do they will do to mirror you and trick you into believing imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Once they get a new person to emulate they will turn everyone against you and behave as though it was you being the bad guy all along. This type of person is two-faced a liar and money hungry. Typically they learned it from their parent who is also the exact same way. A real slimy lizard. A Chamelon/A Chelsea is not to be trusted.
"Omg he/she is such a Chelsea do not trust her/him"
by Theresa Delgado December 9, 2017
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Calm, even when facing pressure
Happy to lead any creature
Extremely talented, does everything to the best of her ability
Loves to be left alone and does not makes a scene
She's an amazing ray of sunshine

Exceptionally smart and she's so fine
And read the first letter of each line
Dude 1: I'm thinking of going out with this Angel
Dude 2: Oh yeah, which one?
Dude 1: Chelsea
Dude 2: Call her Chels, she'll love that
by Phil__Shady November 12, 2020
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Variation of No Homo, n/h
Generally this phrase is used in NYC.

Term is a double edged sword which pays homage to the professional homosexuals in Chelsea.
Fake Setting: Limerick Pub NYC

Damian: Yo son these salty nuts taste so good with my creamy stout
Damian: No Chelsea

Marcos: Nah son I know what you mean these sausages are extra delishwith my sex on the beach
Marcos: No Chelsea
by Ronzula July 6, 2008
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She is a badass bitch. She loves colour and is all about highlighters. Don’t mess with her because she can go from 0 to 100 real quick, but other than that she is great to talk to has the best advice and is loyal. Don’t fuck with a Chelsea. Because she has some many great secrets about you. She knows everyone’s secrets but never tells anyone. She loves to argue, and she is very opinionated
She is sooo amazing
Yep, she is a Chelsea
by RainbowBitchAssHoe August 31, 2019
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Chelseaa.. ahhh she's sweet at heart and loves to just be your bestfriend. She has beautiful eyes a beautiful face and an adorable personality. Chelsea's can also be very shy around people that they don't know to well but when you get to know them they can be one wild person. When you fall in love with one they'll never let you win anything not even let you say you love them more cause they have an infinite supply of explanations to describe how much they love you. When you fall in love leaving them will be the worst possible option and every time you hear a song she will be the one who pops in your head. Chelsea's love you more than you could even imagine but that doesn't mean you cant love them just as much.
Have you heard about Chelsea she's one perfect girl!
by December 2, 2020
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A loving girl and doesn’t take any SHIT from anyone ! Chelsea’s can be a pain in the asses somethimes but just make sure u don’t get on her bad side cuz she will fuck u up like shit .chelseas are really funny and a amazing friend to hangout with ! She is super nice ! You need to have a Chelsea in ur life cuz u would be so happy and fall to the ground dying because she will make u laugh so much ! Chelsea is a HUGE bookworm but u can’t stop loving her for that and Chelsea wants to be so smart to get the best education she can ! Go and find a free Chelsea TODAY !
“Hey Chelsea” friend

“Yeah” Chelsea

“You want to be friends” friend

Hell Yeah totally “ Chelsea

“ ok amazing let’s hangout next week” friend

“Ok” Chelsea
by U only live once lmao August 15, 2018
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The most AMAZING people ever, delicious and full of love and sometimes shit. They don't ask a lot they only want to have friends, and yet some still get treated like shit so don't treat my Chelsea like shit or I will hunt you down:)
Damn Chelsea is looking sexy and damn that booty is amazing!
by chelsearedenius May 20, 2015
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