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Someting a boy calls his girl wen he is in love. most of the tym the girl is quite, shy (sometimes), cute, sexy and everything a boy could want.
Whats wrong baby girl?
by baby girl August 20, 2003

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MARY JANE! or marajuana
by baby girl November 17, 2003

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something dumb or stupid
The party last night was hella boosty. Everyone left hella fuckin early.
by Baby Girl April 13, 2005

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Something cool, aka tight
those shoes arre filthy
by BabY gIrL October 22, 2003

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a drink nothing more
i'm thirsty i would like a drink
by baby girl January 07, 2004

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blow job
nate got a puffy when he met the chick he was talking to online
by baby girl August 12, 2003

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fione ass mutha fuckin rapper; my baby's daddy
Bow wow u look hella good.
by baby girl January 02, 2004

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