To take a stand against or to come together as one.
The people were oppressed by the government and the leader said we must Rise up and take control.
by Dell1 August 15, 2018
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She was looking so sexy in that lingerie she made me rise up.
by YaMaw January 14, 2017
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in basketball,when a nice play happens,the teammates on the bench literally rise out of their seats to acknowledge what just happened on the court.

it is seen most of the time as the player sitting down on the bench witnessing the play,then instantly rising to his feet in some dramatic fashion. most times,there are 2 ways to rise up,1)the person sitting, places both elbows on the knees while sitting and rises himself up by pushing on the knees with the elbows 2)leans back slightly to gain momentum,then launches forward.these are the 2 main forms of rise ups but there are still other unique variations,such as,being risen up before the play even happens(because they know its coming)
once the rise up is done,it is the player discretion as to how they react to the amazing play.

examples:raising arms in praise,waving a towel,dancing around,hugging teammates,or holding teammates back from moving any closer to the court.
the rise up is the ultimate form of respect in basketball from the players
the rise up can sometimes be seen by players of the opposing team if the play is,in fact,that great.
when an amazing play happens,it is usually the benched players' goal to rise up first, and if they choose to extend his arms and hold his teammates from moving further ahead,it is because they want to be the one in the front. this is usually because they believe the play they just witnessed is too dangerous to go near and he is merely protecting his teammates from what just happened.
lebron james does a huge slam dunk: rise ups:
teammates rise. most of the teammates hold their hands (usually in fist form) up to their mouth while the other hand may or may not be in the air. while most of the teammates on the bench are doing this or dancing around in excitement, there is sometimes the one player who is in the back simply standing there with both hands raised.
by fortune003 March 9, 2010
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A dope art-driven clothing brand.
Rise Up is a cooperative of artists, idealists and social entrepreneurs, who are using fashion, art, and anti-poverty campaigns to create positive social changes in the world.
by bulatribe April 28, 2009
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The battle cry of gamers all around the globe to stand up and no longer be subjected to harsh and authoritarian treatment from society.
Today mom had dad beat me 200 times with a belt for using her credit card to buy in-game skins. The fact that we care that much about monetary possessions says a lot about our society. Gamers Rise Up!!
by HellBoy2077 October 23, 2018
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What an American says when desiring to speak in an Australian accent. Sounds like "Razer blades."
Guy 1: Have you ever wanted to speak in an Australian accent?
Guy 2: Dude yes!
Guy 1: Just say "rise up lights" and you'll be saying "razor blades" in an Australian accent!
Guy 2: Wow dude you're right!
by themistercray July 21, 2013
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friend: rise up gamers "my non gamer friend rises" me: your not gamer you don't rise
by Fallen Angel2134 November 3, 2020
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