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Term used either consciously or subconsciously by whites to make themselves feel better. Why would I think this you ask?
Because there is no black trash, yellow trash, or brown trash. Clearly there are a greater amount of whites that are not white trash, in their opinions, although of asians, blacks, and hispanics they must automatically be trash. I'll probably get this definition rejected by a mile because 95% of urban dictionary users are likely white. Also used to represent that whites have no troubles and that they think that they're white trash jokingly.
Oh, we're just white trash with our abercrombie and fitch shirts, flip flops, pants and underwear...
by b to the rizzle June 21, 2007

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-The clearly most queer mtv channel yet, Logo is a channel where there is gay content is on 24/7...be gay be proud
You Watch LOGO!, nigga u gay
by B to the Rizzle February 26, 2007

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Bipolar/ mood swing-y girl/ just a bitch who constantly wears abercrombie/ american eagle/ polo
1: I can't believe we only met 5 minutes ago, marry me!
2: No, i won't i've only known you for 3 days
1: Why do you take things so quickly, why would I marry you, you could be a dipshit! We're like so totally over!
2: You're a frickin' abercrombie and bitch!
by B to the Rizzle February 28, 2007

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what you have if you have no white musicians in your music collection. word originated from chris rock's "i think i love my wife" film
(after looking on the ipod and seeing only Run D.M.C., J-Kwon, R.Kelly, Notorious BIG, 2pac, Jay-Z, and Biz Markie)

"You got some nigga ears"
by b to the rizzle March 20, 2007

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A character on the boondocks who is a lawyer who ironically is a prosecutor and sends many black men to what her fears most, anal rape in prison. In one episode, Tom dreams of being anal raped after dropping the soap.
Did you hear about that Tom Dubois on the Boondocks last night?
by B to the rizzle February 12, 2007

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in breakdancing, one who uses only power moves such as the windmill or halos (often known as when the breaker swings his legs round and round and makes a V shape with them...
The kid down the block doesn't know what real breaking is...He's such a powerhead...always trying to impress people
by b to the rizzle June 05, 2007

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verb usually used passively to get schooled or housed or salted or just beaten outright
(as kobe takes the backdoor cut to the hoop and hits the 360 hookshot)

Announcer: Paul Pierce is getting schlacked by kobe tonight
by B to the Rizzle March 03, 2007

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