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A 2d fighting game engine for DOS and Linux made by elecbyte that is totally customizable and can be added on to with new characters, stages, and much more.
I was playing mugen the other day, but Evil Ken still handed me my butt on a plate.
by AXNJAXN August 28, 2003
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A popular website with many rearrangements of video game background music. Adds new remixes often and allows remixers to try their own luck at the art of remixing.
I just heard the new song on overclocked remix, I love it already.
by AXNJAXN August 18, 2003
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A substitute for any noun, verb, adjective, adverb, conjunction, preposition, and several words in French.
I was so doobled after that party that I wrecked my car!

That wreck yesterday got me so doobled I could explode!

Don't dooble and drive!

Is it hot in here, or is it just dooble?

Nike: Just dooble it.
by axnjaxn June 02, 2006
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The highly-concentrated mess that forms at the bottom of a ramen noodle cup as you drain it.
"This krubb tastes like corn paste and beef by-product."
by axnjaxn November 10, 2007
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