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When you have sex with your flaccid penis, because you can't get it up. Usually due to being drunk, or nervous.
Girl: "what's wrong?"
Guy: "I'm too drunk were gonna have to noodle cup."

Guy 1: " hey did you hook up with missy last night?"

Guy 2: "yeah man, but I was really nervous so I had to noodle cup her instead."
by LS oki February 13, 2014
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When a woman inserts many cooked-warm noodles into her cooked noodles into her vagina and then proceeds to forward-cowgirl facesit her man or woman or other gender SO. This SO then begins to slurp up her pussy juices and the noodles all at once making for a delicious feast.
girl 1: β€œhey what did you do last night”
girl 2: β€œnot much bra I was busy noodle cupping my man”
by FakSexySaxMan June 08, 2018
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