3 definitions by axldance

Essentially the same thing as a girlfriend, only the two are actually just friends. Basically a female best friend that a guy also hangs out with, like when his girlfriend's busy. It's not a sexual thing.
My girlfriend left for California for the week, but it's ok because my friendgirl and I are gonna play Rock Band tonight.
by axldance January 26, 2008
Typically used in sports to indicate a player or team is performing exceptionally well to a point where the other team appears amateurish; it's as if the other team is comprised of students attending a sports instructional clinic (i.e. instructor-led athletic skills workshop).
With five touchdown passes, the quarterback really put on a clinic yesterday.
by axldance November 27, 2019
The slang term for Whidbey Island, Washington. Although chances are you've never heard of the island it is the biggest non-man made island in the US.
I'm from the Whizzle. SWHS is on the Whizzle. There's a navy base on the Whizzle
by axldance September 15, 2005