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A Homosexual person. A very old euphemism dating from when to accuse someone of being homosexual was libelous. Deriving from actors and luvvies being sterotypically gay or effeminate.
Question:"Does he have a girlfriend?"
Answer:"No, I think he's 'In theatre'."
by ashteroid November 8, 2006
The Town where the last Bridge was that the British couldn't take in the true story of the WWII Battle, Operation Market-Garden in the Film 'A Bridge too far'. Used to describe a situation when a friend has made an error and gone too far, told someone some home truths for instance and upset them.
"Danny was telling Stuart about not liking his girlfriend and now they're not talking."

"Oh, he went a bit Arnhem did he?"
by ashteroid March 3, 2009
Insulting name for a black person. Similar to nigger, but combines "bongo", "baboon" and the insult "coon" all in one stereotypical package.
"Look at the black Bonglaboon."

"You can't say that, that's racist!"
by ashteroid February 27, 2008
The day American money stopped funding the IRA in Northern Ireland and the troubles that claimed over 3000 lives in the UK over 30 years effectively stopped. The Irish American's had to think about the reality of what we call terrorism. It became untenable, which helped bring peace to Britain and Ireland. Every cloud has a silver lining, ask the people of Belfast.
"Shit, we've been attacked"

"oh dear, this is awful. better stop those Noraid contributions since 9/11"
by ashteroid May 7, 2007
The country that was right about Iraq
France? Cowards. Ohh, err, hmmm. Yeah, got that wrong. They were right.
by ashteroid May 7, 2007
American/Irish campaign that supported mass murder in Northern Ireland and the UK by funding the IRA between 1970 up until 9/11 when America got some back and didn't like it.
"Ouch, them terrorists hurt, better stop funding Irish ones like Noraid."
by ashteroid May 8, 2007
Another term for Cocaine. People in show business have a reputation for liking a bit of sniff, hence the term.
by ashteroid August 12, 2009