Term for show business or the entertainment industry. According to Craig Ferguson of the Late Show, "High school with money."
George Lucas went from nerdy blacklisted director to one of the biggest names in showbiz.

She went to Hollywood to break into showbiz, but she's working at McDonalds in Long Beach.

"Girl, you could be in showbiz!" (usually said in an attmept to score)
by blueagave March 22, 2006
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The first album from the amazing band Muse. It includes songs such as

1. Sunburn
2. Muscle Museum
3. Fillip
4. Falling Down
5. Cave
6. Showbiz
7. Unintended
8. Uno
9. Sober
10. Escape
11. Overdue
12. Hate this and I'll Love You
Showbiz is the best album ever!
by Kailey___09 May 19, 2009
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A one-liner phrase used to define a broad range of daily events.
As Zoe Kalapos one said, "Thats just showbiz baby."
by GString November 20, 2018
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Another term for Cocaine. People in show business have a reputation for liking a bit of sniff, hence the term.
by ashteroid August 12, 2009
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A restaurant now known as Chuck E. Cheese, created in the early 1980's by Aaron Fechter, with an arcade, animatronic show, and pizza. Also Known as Showbiz Pizza.
''Showbiz is like Chuck E. Cheese but bigger but not better buddy.''
by phantom5 February 25, 2005
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1. immature, dramatic, demanding with a sense of entitlement
"It may be your birthday, but that doesn't give you an excuse to get all showbiz on us."
by The Real Bob May 30, 2008
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Showbiz Pizza was a restaurant chain in the early 80s to late 90s. The pizza parlors were known for their animatronic rock band, the Rock Afire Explosion. While on the verge of bankruptcy they bought the Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Time Theatre and in a process known as Concept Unification they converted every Showbiz Pizza to Chuck E Cheese’s.
Dude: Hey man, remember Showbiz Pizza?
Man: Yeah dude, wish it was still around.
by Alex Lake Shire January 5, 2020
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