76 definitions by ash

some one who acts stoopid to get a ttention.
megan is such an ass hag
by Ash September 24, 2004
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Pertaining to someone/something that is gay/stupid/idotic
d00d, you are such a flamer.

My computer is such a flamer

Yo dawg, quit being a flamer
by Ash September 27, 2003
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some kid who wears really weird clothes and stripy socks and aint quite a goth but listens to rock music.
"You dirty jitter"
by Ash July 22, 2003
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Clinton is a batty boy
by ash May 06, 2003
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Short-barrel shotgun (Around 10-12") with a pistol grip. Usually made from cheap breech-load single or double barrel shotguns. (Over-Under models are also used.)
Jon said he carried a gun, but not anything as formidable as a hand cammon!
by ash August 19, 2003
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to kick something, usually a ball.
a drop punt from 50 metres is beautifully delivered by matthew richardson!
by ash October 28, 2004
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Hall's Slang for biznatchasquatchhotchpotch. Loosely translates to bitch.
oh, you're such a 'potch.
by Ash August 08, 2003
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