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The act of a woman taking a masturbation break, usually from work. It's also used as a tongue-in-cheek rational for a woman abruptly leaving a sexually-heated chat-room conversation, with an unexpected "gtg" or a "brb", prompting response from others, "she's on an Angel break."
Bob: How was your day Alice?
Alice: Work was hellish. Had to take an Angel Break in the middle of it
Bob: Right there in your office?
Alice: Yeah I can close the door. It was quick, but much needed.
Bob: That's hot.
Alice: mmHmm.
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by artist6000 November 18, 2017

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Abbreviation for Daily Dose of Dick
Isabella: my brother says Angela's got an attitude problem
Kenny: Well, she does. But her attitude stems from not getting 3D
Isabella: Yeah, tell me about it.
Isabella: I could use that myself.
Kenny: word.
Kenny: Dinner Friday night?
by artist6000 January 26, 2015

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Rating a woman on a scale of how many beers you must consume before you're willing to have sex with her, zero beers implies she's so hot no beers are necessary.
Kenny: You met Francine yet?
Dave: Why she hot?
Kenny: Zero beers, bro.
Dave: Oh wow, that hot!
by artist6000 May 28, 2014

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To "man up", or start acting like man. Refers to the act of reversing the tucking (thus untucking) one's junk (i.e. penis) between one's thighs.
Kenny: I like this girl, but I am not sure sure she'll go out with me. What if she says no?
Goldie: Dude, untuck your junk from between your legs already, and ask her out!
Kenny: Okay. Goldie, will you go out with me?
Goldie: I don't appreciate this, Kenny.
by artist6000 June 09, 2010

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Someone who is from the United Kingdom. The term is typically used by people who don't know that 'British' is the proper way to refer to someone from the UK.
Jake: She used the word 'arse'
Pink: canadians say 'arse'
Leah: UKdians do too
Kenny: Leah, um, Dinner Friday night?
by artist6000 October 02, 2015

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A person who denies the 2006 decision to downgrade the status of Pluto from a planet to that of a minor planet designation. Deniers primarily content that the the new criteria for qualification of a stellar object to be a planet, namely requiring the clearing the neighborhood around its orbit, would exclude Mars, Jupiter, Neptune and even Earth, because they all share their orbits with asteroids.
Kenny Gangsta: There are eight planets.
Jamie Madrox: There's nine.
Kenny: Am I missing something? Pluto was plutoed.
Jamie: Oh.... we have a "Pluto denier"
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by artist6000 November 21, 2017

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When a guy pulls his dick out, and it unrolls and falls on his bitches face, giving her a black eye.
Kenny: xkiera, if a guy pulls his dick out and it unrolls and falls on his bitches face, giving her a black eye, is that technically abuse?
Xkiera: It's called a cock punch.
LeBunny: As a woman, i would feel abused. Then ask you to do it again.
by artist6000 December 03, 2016

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