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Satisfying your sweet-tooth by consuming foods that naturally sweet such as fruits instead of sweets made with refined sugars such as cookies and soda.
xkiera: I got golden colored raspberries today!
kenny: are they sweet?
xkiera: they're more sweat than regular. I prefer sugar from fruits vs. sugar from soda. I'm all about natural diabetes
kenny: you give me a tooth ache, baby.
xkiera: whatevs
by artist6000 June 23, 2015
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The act of a woman taking a masturbation break, usually from work. It's also used as a tongue-in-cheek rational for a woman abruptly leaving a sexually-heated chat-room conversation, with an unexpected "gtg" or a "brb", prompting response from others, "she's on an Angel break."
Bob: How was your day Alice?
Alice: Work was hellish. Had to take an Angel Break in the middle of it
Bob: Right there in your office?
Alice: Yeah I can close the door. It was quick, but much needed.
Bob: That's hot.
Alice: mmHmm.
by artist6000 November 18, 2017
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Sex people with the coronavirus can have when they've both been tested positive while everyone else is social distancing
Looking for Corona sex. A/S/L & Corona-positive. DM me if you down
by artist6000 April 03, 2020
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is the same as drunkenly, which means "in a drunken manner"

It is sometimes spelled drunkily when the person spelling it is drunk.
You really wanna know what I drunkily slurred during the game of taboo?
by artist6000 May 05, 2008
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When a guy pulls his dick out, and it unrolls and falls on his bitches face, giving her a black eye.
Kenny: xkiera, if a guy pulls his dick out and it unrolls and falls on his bitches face, giving her a black eye, is that technically abuse?
Xkiera: It's called a cock punch.
LeBunny: As a woman, i would feel abused. Then ask you to do it again.
by artist6000 December 03, 2016
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Isabella: my brother says Angela's got an attitude problem
Kenny: Well, she does. But her attitude stems from not getting 3D
Isabella: Yeah, tell me about it.
Isabella: I could use that myself.
Kenny: word.
Kenny: Dinner Friday night?
by artist6000 January 26, 2015
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When you dump a guy 'cause he's not interested in butt dump.
Kay: Gramps, I had to dump your grandson 'cause he's too old, and also he ain't into butt stuff.
Kenny: I think it's mostly 'cause of the butt stuff.
Izzie: A butt dump
Kay: troof
by artist6000 May 17, 2021
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