5 definitions by annoying dog

A great Undertale AU with a banger soundtrack. Basically Asriel messed up while resetting time on a failed pacifist route and all the characters swapped roles but not personalities. It’s awesome you should check it out.
Inverted Fate is one of many Undertale Alternate Universes
by annoying dog December 8, 2022
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At some point you just die
And the game over screen appears
And Determination starts playing
And you’re just like

‘do you wanna have a bad time?’ -sans undertale
by annoying dog January 3, 2023
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P1: Aye I found something really cringe in your comment section
P2: Yeah it’s the soundcloud comment section what did you expect
by annoying dog November 22, 2022
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The 63rd song of the Undertale soundtrack. Also probably one of the greatest musical masterpieces ever written. If you haven't listened to it yet, go do it.
P1: Hey have you listened to It's Raining Somewhere Else?
P2: No
P1: Well you should it's like one of the best songs of the soundtrack
by annoying dog January 7, 2023
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