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see riaa

for some reason my example is too short... im sorry for the nonsensicle writings form here on this is to make up for this site wanting bigger words
by annonymous November 18, 2003

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When people in the same family fuck or have some kind of sexual contact...

((sex-head-eatin out-fingered-kissing-beatin meat))
Rita.She fucks her brother.
by Annonymous February 21, 2005

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Like "dry humping", only not for free, since it's usually not from your partner. Rubbing against one another in the genital area, usually with one's close on. Gender is regardless, but it's usually done to a male.
see also: dry hump
My partner gave me a lap dance last night, thus I didn't have to pay for it!
by Annonymous February 05, 2005

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A flirtatious person that does not trust anyone. Very equivocal in thought. Is very hard to read emotion and thoughts but very cute.
You are very Diep.
You are acting very Diep.
by Annonymous April 12, 2005

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the area code for south orange county, one of the richest places in the country. also, its in a huge bubble and life outside it is "gay" (btw i live here so i have the right to make fun of it)
I live in the 949 and I love listening to music about pain such as My Chemical Romance and watching shows for 12 yr old girls such as The OC.

Dont you just love the dirty polluted 949 beaches?
by annonymous February 14, 2005

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movie book or image depicting or arousing male-male sexual interest
Jay and Silent Bob, Lord of the Rings, and Fight Club are all fairly entertaining...and homoerotic
by annonymous July 15, 2004

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a very attractive young girl who is anxiously awaiting to try smoking the reefer and will have the time of her life while doing it...did i mention she was really pretty
i love jaymie dearly
by annonymous January 08, 2005

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