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stimulation of the lingam and testicles with licking kissing etc., like cunnilingus, rather than deep throat fellatio
"spits or swollows" is not really an issue with lingalingus
by annonymous July 13, 2004
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Woman befitting of her title ~

"Loveable mom" to her youngsters and hell on wheels in the Sunshine Beach Cafe...

Likes to kick Miffers ass all over the board.
Hey Jenn, when you going to stop kickin Miffer's ass and give him some lovin??

Response : "Not in this lifetime."

; )
by annonymous February 12, 2004
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a transvestite; a man who, if you saw he and his wife or girlfriend kissing, you might assume to be a lesbian. Not to be confused with a male-to-female transgender lesbian
Eddie Izzard is a male lesbian.
by annonymous July 12, 2004
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Very horney. Practicing mantra.
Im so very very mants. serve it now.
by annonymous April 12, 2005
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1. when two bonobo apes frot
2. when two flatworms mate, each one trying to thrust its penis into the other one in order to impregnate it
penis fencing, it fencing with penises
by annonymous July 10, 2004
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