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Goth mecca in Edinburgh.
theres another group of cockburn kids
by annonymous March 12, 2005

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Talzhemir is the co-founder of Furcadia, along with Felorin.
Mrrrrrelcome to Furcadia!
by Annonymous February 15, 2005

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particularly egregious fabricated BS offered under the guise of fact, and then disclaimed as being 'opinion' when challenged and successfully refuted.

Tossing down the "openion" term indicates that you think something is not just 'opinion,' but has been represented as verifiable fact when it is the opposite.
It is my openion that Al Gore invented the internet.
by Annonymous August 06, 2004

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When a female takes is in doggy-style position and has a cock in her mouth while taking it from behind.
Wow, can that Amanada Lowe ever take the lamb roast!

And Michelle Shewells sick
by annonymous January 09, 2004

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Formal Name: God
And he, Goashas, threw down the sinners to hell.
by annonymous May 10, 2004

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Overly smart guy that plays videogames.
" What the hell, ho Shaharyar of you!"
by ANNONYMOUS March 20, 2003

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This wis when someone is uber sexy and really attractive.
Oh my god your shexay
by annonymous March 10, 2005

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