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A school where white people mainly doninate and where they dont... they think they do. Made up of farmer districts (Chesterfield, Springfield, Masfield, and N Hanover) and of coarse lovely McGuire. Our main diversity comes from Mapleton or Base. F'in Confederate flags with proud rednecks that stand behind them, and a hell of a lot of racism issues. Wanna-be bloods, crips, thugs, and ganstas but none of them are as bad as the ag. brats that think they're big because they ride on tractors for a living. Behind all the issues, once weed is involved... everyone gets along.
Drugs bring everybody together.
by annonymous March 13, 2005

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Remixer and Judge from Overclocked Remix. Has serious homophobic problems. Is very angry.
<Protricity> how about you go lick mustin's toes you faggot fucking shit selling project majestic fag ruby saphire edition of fag
by Annonymous August 17, 2004

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CLB = Creepy Little Bastard
Ian is a CLB (creepy little bastard)!
by Annonymous October 22, 2003

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a lesbian, particularly one for whom the act of tribadism is the primary means of sex
Lets bump cunts you beautiful tribade.
by annonymous July 12, 2004

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1. when two bonobo apes frot
2. when two flatworms mate, each one trying to thrust its penis into the other one in order to impregnate it
penis fencing, it fencing with penises
by annonymous July 10, 2004

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The greatest person in the whole-wide world who has the best personality and the cutest Korean girl ever.
quotes from the others at school = "wowzy. hey sexay.", "aww she's so adorable", etc
by annonymous April 18, 2004

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a middle school in irvine, california in south orange county. full of emos who bitch, really good instrumental musicians (we have themost in honors. i doint like it tho) and the number one thing is

I go to sierra vista, the middle school that needs to be shit on from hell.
by annonymous February 20, 2005

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