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an imaginary organ for which the anus is substitued in pegging and other sex acts.
Two equally well hung gay men have no need for boy pussy.
by annonymous July 15, 2004
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Abbreviation for "Bachelor of Science" (an academic degree designation). Often seen on individual curriculum vitae(resumes).

Occasionally appears as "BSc."
Dr. Joe Smith

B.S. - Harvard Beauty School
M.S. - Guatemala University, School of Graduate Studies
Ph.D. - Ohio Internet University
by annonymous December 28, 2003
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hay casso. your a real fag who's in love with fellas. wat do you mean i never got wit tath chwenty year old, i must half told u chwelve times fore fuck sake. just so you no my dad is a spaceman who puts out fires on different planets, and puls he came up wit the connsept of going to mars. by the way i don't hav any speling missfo.... missfoe.... missforetune, my dad told me and he teaches in harvard, america.
does anyone else smell 'tath' bullshit? oh wait, i do. ffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrllooooooooooonnngggggggggggggggggg. don't take on any kind of simian capable of addressing there friend's name wrong.if you don't understand any of the above, look up the words in a dictionary. you know what that is don't you? after all your dad did invent it!!
by annonymous February 16, 2004
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An immature guy who creates the PXIII forums, known to take them down for no reason, this man should be hurt.
"<3 Feran's Penis"
"I had to take it down because I couldn't focus on my writing."
"You people deserve this, and you need this place."
by annonymous February 07, 2004
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Term short for Aeropostale, a preppy clothing retailer located in many malls that are slightly cheaper than American Eagle and Abercrombie.
A:"Where did you get that shirt?"
by annonymous November 20, 2004
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to be afrocentintized
that is so afroncentric if ur in the bronx
by annonymous November 14, 2003
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