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A Toilet Read is a book or magazine that stays in the bathroom/toilet area and is read when one is sitting on the toilet.
I don't often have time to read books due to my heavy schedule. However I always manage to pick up my "toilet read" and read a few pages every day while I'm on the toilet.
by annieoakley August 30, 2010
Hiding and/or running away from your ex. Staying as far away as possible from an obnoxious, offensive, nasty ex lover or friend.
Since separating from my husband, I'm in total EXhile and do not want to see his nasty face or be anywhere near him.
by annieoakley January 18, 2011
The ultimate and ONLY party planner. The Omnipotent creater of the universe. The "Star" of the hit novel, "The Bible". He may be a "being", or some sort of "explosive energy" that started the ball rolling in this creation experience that we are all going through. Good or bad, SOMETHING started the spark. Call it God or whatever. He continues to "create" on a daily basis, or else nothing would exist. It is said "Man plans and God laughs". The "energy" or "force" behind the forces of the world: earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, hurricanes, tornados, etc.
It is said, "Man plans and God laughs". I planned a big party in my back yard with a band and catered food. The day of the party it rained and stormed, so the party had to be cancelled. I guess God had other plans for me that day!
by annieoakley April 22, 2010
Compare to "Roll with the Punches". Accepting one's new face wrinkles. Not being depressed that one is getting older. Accepting the aging process.
When I look in the mirror these days (I'm 58 years old) I get so depressed when I see all the new wrinkles that appear. However, I have decided to "roll with the wrinkles" and accept the fact that I'm getting older. I will grin and bear it.
by annieoakley October 20, 2011
The kissing history and track record one has with a boyfriend or girlfriend. The history and memories of the kissing techniques and special moments one shares or shared with a special someone
We have a sexy kistory.....we'd make out for hours and hours. I haven't found anyone that can give kisses like my ex did.
by annieoakley February 1, 2013
Gay husband and wife. Could be any combination: Man married to a Man. Woman married to a Woman. The matrimony of two gay people. Could also be Gusband and Gusband. Or...Gife and Gife.
"I now pronounce you Gusband and Gife".
by annieoakley September 10, 2011
Constipation. Not being able to poop (go number 2, defecate, have a bowel movement) when one is nervous, anxious, has been traveling, is at a "foreign" toilet, moved to a new environment or has people around or near them. The inability to have a normal bowel movement in a relaxed way, due to changes in the environment and becoming nervous or anxious.
When I went on my 1 week vacation cruise, I had poopxiety all week and was unable to poop, due to the changes in my environment.
by annieoakley October 23, 2011