A vacation gone wrong. Mario's reason was because of a character (not going to spoil) dressed as him and made a mess.
Random dude: My vacation went badly!
Nintendo fan: I guess it's Super Mario Sunshine?
The dude: bruh?!
by Cat Kid aka Kid_Cat64 December 28, 2021
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The act of defecating on a lover's chest, and then urinating on him/her to wash it off. If all of the excrement is washed off, the person urinating is awarded a shine sprite.
Female: "I'm so horny for you."
Male: "Let's bang. But I have to go take a steamer. You'll have to wait, unless you want my Super Mario Sunshine."
Female: "Ew, no. Just because I watch that stuff on the internet doesn't mean I would want it in real life."
Male: "There is no other way."
by Turkus Gyrational October 29, 2013
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Mario 64 with a watergun. Would've sold 5 copies had it not included Mario, which would still make it overrated.
by Shinigami September 4, 2003
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The video game that all early 2000s kids who owned a Gamecube hope will be made someday.
I really want them to make Super Mario Sunshine 2, the original was my favorite game back in the day...
by RockManZero3 January 21, 2020
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When during sex you creampie the woman and then piss all over her face reminiscent of Mario spraying fludd over the npcs in "Super Mario Sunshine"
Bob: "Last night I gave a good Super Mario Sunshining on the wife and pissed all over her face!"
Jim: "Fucking hell bob we're at grandpa's funeral!"
by NyarLord July 22, 2023
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