79 definitions by alyssa

A non-ugly person, attractive?
Hayyyyyy SUP QT you're a definite DOINK!
by ALYSSA February 28, 2005
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A wasian is a riccer
riccer is a wasian yes
by alyssa December 19, 2004
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(Noun)A machine of laughter that is usually found from detection of uncontrollable high pitched squeals of joy.
The other day I heard Inci walking by my classroom.
by Alyssa December 05, 2004
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a show that is made of japanese people. which is taken by americans, and have stupid, buty hilarious, mouth overs. then have stupid contestants do stupid things and fall into a big pile of mud.
those crazy japanese people, never give americans and ideas...
most extreme elimination- contestants: inventors and the cocktail waitresses...
by alyssa December 10, 2003
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what a teacher puts on a paper you did crappy on
you did really bad, check minus for you
by alyssa January 23, 2004
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another word for very cool!

started with friend jess
Oh my god that new sweater is so fat-free
by alyssa March 09, 2005
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When a chick has extreme amount of skin covering her clit
Look at some porn i dunno!
by ALyssa March 14, 2005
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