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1. a city located in southern California
2. "America's finest city"
3. known for perfect weather all year round and tourist attractions: Legoland, Sea World, Wild Animal Park, & SD Zoo
San Diego kicks ass.
by alyssa February 10, 2004

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A Neopet in the virtual world of Neopia at Neopets.com. It is similar to a four eared cat.
I love my pet Aisha!
by Alyssa September 01, 2003

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A poser is a girl/guy who listens to a certain type of music or dresses a certain way to impress people or to fit into a certain crowd. often times people get mixed up with those who are posers and those who are not. If you go out buy a sk8r-boi sweatshirt and a skate board and go out on the town and ride around and some one shouts out " fucking poser" are you one ? NO! Come on people..you went out and bought the skateboard so you could...erm GET BETTER! Seriously how are you ever going to become a skateboarder if you dont practice and get better? *cough exactly* now in a different situation. Lets say you go out buy a skateboard...by the way you dont even know the brand of the board and you go out with your friends and just sit there while they do there little skateboarding tricks ... so basically you are just there to look cool..then are you a poser. Yah? yes!
stephen22: Hey i bought the board
sk84life: oh awesome...wut is it?
stephen22: um i donno man ...its blue and white...ermmm....ya
sk84life: man get it together... all the guys are talkin bout u now.
stephen22: wut? why?
sk84life: man they r sayin that u are a poser...
stephen22: well...i'm not?
sk84life: when u dont know wut your own board is then we have a problem
....Dead Silence....
by Alyssa June 22, 2004

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Evanescence is one of the best bands EVER. With the enchantingly beautiful, harmonious voice of Amy Lee, and an awesome beat, there is NOTHING better! They were founded by Amy Lee and Ben Moody (who left the band durring thier European tour in October of 2004).
"I just got the new Evanescence CD/DVD 'Anywhere But Home', and it ROCKS!"
"I Love Amy Lee of Evanescence, her voice is so beautiful.
by Alyssa February 11, 2005

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What my 10 year old brother says everytime I swear, to both try to get me to stop swearing and to announce his dispise for the president of the United States pubically!
Me: "Oh Shit!"
my mom: "What do you say?"
My brother: "Fuck Bush!"
by Alyssa February 11, 2005

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cheap, likes to save money; can be seen as being greedy because a person who is stingy will not spend or will spend little of their money on you
my boyfriend's stingy because i had to pay for dinner.
by alyssa February 16, 2004

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Whats up? Whats goin on?
Whats brackin my nigga?
by Alyssa July 27, 2003

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