78 definitions by Alyssa

Did you see amanda's shirt today?! that shit was crank, off the sheezy for heezy
by Alyssa February 7, 2005
a super expensive internet system. it cheats you to saying that its great when you can get Netzero for $10 instead of AOL's $35.
Netzero $9.95, AOL $29.99 a month...
by Alyssa December 12, 2003
when you are both sad and mad at the same time.
ohh shnap, your mom sucked last night and that makes me smad.
by Alyssa April 2, 2005
cheap, likes to save money; can be seen as being greedy because a person who is stingy will not spend or will spend little of their money on you
my boyfriend's stingy because i had to pay for dinner.
by Alyssa February 17, 2004
1. a city located in southern California
2. "America's finest city"
3. known for perfect weather all year round and tourist attractions: Legoland, Sea World, Wild Animal Park, & SD Zoo
by Alyssa February 11, 2004
This is a rare disease in which a person hiccups once; this is not intentional, and it occurs at the most random times possible. It doesn't even sound like a regular hiccup, and sometimes it sounds like a mixture of a hiccup and a burp.
I have hiccupitis, and when I hiccup it doesn't sound like a regular hiccup.
by Alyssa January 8, 2004