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A girl who is Hot,Smart,& Pretty.
Every boy who see's her is instantly in love.
She is kind and sweet to everyone.
She looks for the best in her future.
She's a amazing friend.
Bro did you see Shaileen today?
Yea dude she's pretty hot and sweet.
I might ask her out she's so nice.
by My Published things <3 January 05, 2017
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A girl who poops discreetly. No one ever finds out that it's happening or that it's happened. Unless it's the morning after a night of beer pong and sex on the beach, then she will find that one persons toilet and stink up the place without giving a f**k! Probably no one will know still, except maybe the owner of the toilet.
Person: I didn't poop yet today.
Friend: OH NO! you're Shaileen-ing!
Person: What?
Friend: SHAILEENS PRETEND THEY DON'T POOP, but you know what? Everybody poops.
by zoikss May 11, 2014
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