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This is a not-so-popular but popular-wannabe pure roleplaying game, which totally favours roleplaying instead of skilling, although 90% of the players prefer skilling than roleplaying.

It is said you could have fun without fighting a monster or having any skills, but that's equivalent to not playing the game due to the current in game circumstances. If you really want to have fun in this game and become popular, you need to waste part of your life slashing mummies, skeletons and the harder skeletons that fell in red paint. Once you are strong, you can act fearless and heroic against warriors, guards and whats not, and pwn them all!

Although this game has a potential in roleplaying, sadly, it is totally ruined by powergamers who can ruin moments with silly actions (as seen in examples). And even more sadly, those powergamers form the largest part of the community.

Another part of the community involve couples, finding private places (deserts, seashore, islands, prison, taverns) for cybering.

n00bs tend to be frowned upon or angered at if they speak modern english language IC (in character), things like "lol" or "how i mine 4 fish", when on the other hand, "elitist" wannabe experienced roleplayers in the game make nonsense in-character actions themselves (as seen in examples too).

In game commands:
#me <action>: An action that your character is doing.
#w <text>: Whispered text. Sometimes this is used to write some actions when you don't want other players to see the action (ex. cybering).
#s <text>: Shouted text. Annoying. But an easy way out for newbies.
!coff: A command to make your character able to walk through walls and unpassable terrain. Oops, this is only a GM command.

Terms used:
Cloud: This refers when your character is "killed". Now, the graphic is a spirit rather than a cloud, but the term hasn't changed.
Swirlie: When you earn a skill, you get this shiny swirlie around your character.

Last note: The community is made up of german people and non-german people. Usually there's a division between them, causing for frustrating RP moments (last example).
Newbie: lol what 2 do in dis game
Experienced roleplayer: (( Firstly, in illarion, you should learn the difference between OOC and IC. OOC is out of character, what the player says and IC is in character, what the -
Experienced roleplayer: - character says. You should use double brackets when OOC. You should also press F1 and read the -
Experienced roleplayer: - help manual, although I myself didn't know it exists. Now, do you have a question? ))
Newbie: ...how do i quit?

Elitist RPer 1 raises his sharp, finely-made sword upwards, then, as he inches forward, he swings his sword in a downward arc, strength and ferocity clear in his attack.
Elitist RPer 2 slashes.
Elitist RPer 1 gets a swirlie and runs.

RPer1 pushes the man to the gate.
RPer2 is force RPed to the gate.

'Mage-wannabe' casts a fireball and deals him 10% damage.

English Guy: *waits 10 minutes for someone to RP with*
German Guy passes.
German Guy: Gru├če.
English Guy: ...
English Guy: What? Greetings!
German Guy leaves.
English Guy: *waits another 10 minutes*
German Girl passes.
German dwarf: TACH!
English Guy: Greetings.
German dwarf leaves.
English Guy: *waits another 10 minutes*
English Girl passes but leaves without a word, nor a chance to say something.
English Guy: *quits*
by AlphaX October 25, 2007

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An individual that tries really hard to be a hipster. Some succeed and become a real or true hipster and some... not so much. These are the individuals in the hipster culture that are "too cool" to do stuff or have the "too good for you" mentality. They are often the trend followers in the hipster culture but still is considered a trend starter by many, especially in the non-hipster society(real world).
friend: lets go to this bar
wannabe hipster: thats lame, we're better than that (deep inside he really wants to go but is too worried that others might see him)
friend: but Bridgette(well known underground singer) is there, you know she got a donk!
wannabe hipster: oh... well i guess so.

trend follower
by alphaX February 01, 2012

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More commonly known as chicken wrap. It consists of a wrap filled with chicken and lettuce, and tends to be toasted. Often enough, the wrap that is used would not be suitable to be 'wrapped around', and would often result in crumples and tears along the side, especially when toasted. This can also lead to sizzling noises inside the toaster due to tomatoes being uncovered by those tears. An additional (also aiding the sizzling) ingredient is mayonnaise.

This term date back to the 2008s, the exact date as recorded by historians being 19th November 2008. It originated from a mystical island called Malta.
Person 1: What do you prefer, fajita, burrito, taquito, quesadilla or a plain tortilla?
by AlphaX November 19, 2008

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