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katakana "カタカナ" is one of the three Japanese writing systems; including Hiragana, and Kanji. katakana is mostly used for foreign words (usually English.) So Car becomes
"クルマ"(kuruma) and burger becomes "バーガー"(baagaa)

the full Katakana Alphabet:

a i u e o
ヤ ユ ヨY
ワ ヲW

ン n
Katakana is my favorite writing system

Yes. I am a weeb.
はい 私のウェッブです
by alexjk2004 December 15, 2018

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man that YouTuber Jake Paul gave me damn Cancer
via giphy
by alexjk2004 December 07, 2017

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the area code for Eau Claire, WI, USA
my phone number is

+1 (715) 555-0000
by alexjk2004 December 17, 2018

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The best damn thing in the world
Let's go smoke some gud weed
by alexjk2004 October 07, 2017

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Gamer form of game.
would you be interested in purchasing swedish fps kameh?
jes, giv sweden money
by alexjk2004 April 30, 2021

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A faux-latin respelling of the word сука used by idiots and slavaboos
The correct form would be suka
Person 1: cyka blyat!!!1!
Polish person: to jest “suka blyat’”, idiotą (it is suka, idiot)
by alexjk2004 January 09, 2021

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1. (ヘンタイ)Japanese-style animated pornography

2. (変態)Japanese word for a creep, or a pervert

3. (変体仮名)(Hentaigana) a writing system used in old Japanese to show the phonetic value of a character
I’m gonna go watch some hentai.

死ね変態!(Shine, Hentai!) - die, you pervert!

Hantaigana is my favorite writing system.
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by alexjk2004 November 28, 2019

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