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Ken Allen (February 13, 1971 – December 1, 2000) was a Bornean Orangutan at the San Diego Zoo. He was among the most popular animals in the history of the zoo because of his many successful escapes from his enclosures. He was nicknamed "Hairy Houdini". His escapes included disassembling the cages he was meant to be kept in, climbing out of his enclosures, walking amongst the customers as though he were a regular, teaching other Orangutans to escape, and bully his arch-nemesis, Otis, another male Orangutan whom Ken Allen absolutely hates. He became a cult icon, not unlike Harambe.
Zookeeper 1: Oh my god, he got out again?
Zookeeper 2: ... Was it Ken Allen again?
Zookeeper 1: Yeah. And the other Orangutans got out of the enclosure, too. I think Ken taught them how to escape.
Zookeeper 2: HE DID WHAT!?
by akuwardmoments June 07, 2020
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A phrase used when doing tech-related work, usually something that isn't particularly difficult.

Its usage is similar to stonks.
When you use an HDMI cable to connect your laptop to the TV for screen mirroring

by akuwardmoments April 09, 2021
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The Lionhearted are devoted fans of the DJ and Producer Porter Robinson. Their name is derived from Porter's song, "Lionhearted". While they are big fans of electronic music, they are known to support several genres of music, and are especially willing to help up and coming artists prosper.

The Lionhearted are known for being extremely kind and caring for those around them. If you fall while jumping in the crowd, they will quickly stop and help you back up. If you lost something, those in your vicinity will spread the word to help you find said item.

You'll know when you meet them. They'll most likely greet you with a smile, and will happily look after you if need be.
I met The Lionhearted at Second Sky, and I have not met a kinder fanbase anywhere else. I came to the festival alone, and they accepted me right in. I can't wait to see them again sometime.
by akuwardmoments June 20, 2019
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The Perry Effect states that someone or something is completely inconspicuous or unrecognizable unless they possess a characteristic item.

The Perry Effect derives from the character Perry the Platypus from the American TV show, "Phineas and Ferb", based on how the villain, Dr. Doofenshmirtz, cannot recognize Perry the Platypus unless he is wearing his signature hat.
Some guy: *sitting on a bench, listening to music*

Onlooker 1: Oh, look, it's just a guy hanging out

Some guy: *takes out a skateboard and skates away*


Onlooker 2: The Perry Effect strikes again.
by akuwardmoments May 02, 2021
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A fantastic EDM album written by the ever popular Amercan DJ, Porter Robinson.

The album includes some well known tracks, such as Divinity, Sad Machine, Sea of Voices, Goodbye to a World, and many more.

People who listen to the music in this album are known to feel a rush of emotions to many of the songs. Robinson himself admits that these songs are extremely sentimental to him as well, and his audience feels that.
Chris: *singing along* "And though I know since you’ve awakened her again, She depends on you, she depends on you. She'll go on, and never speak of this again. We depend on you, we depend (I depend) on you"... *starts crying at the drop*

Mark: Yo, you okay?

Chris: Yeah. It's just the Worlds album. A lot of really feelsy music in this. Don't worry. I'll be okay.
by akuwardmoments January 16, 2019
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A dead meme that returns to relevancy by some means, often via 4chan or reddit.

The appearance might not be exactly the same, but the format and idea behind the meme has not changed
OP: The pooh bear man of culture meme is just a repackaged expanding intellect meme. They're basically the same.

Guy in the comments: That's a zombie meme, my dude. An old meme that came back with a different look.
by akuwardmoments August 17, 2019
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