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A person who is willingly living out the dream of another person who is unable to fulfil the given dream for any reason. They can either bring a dream into reality or finish what was already started. A dream carrier does NOT throw aside their own ambitions to fulfil those of others but instead uses them to increase their own personal drive to accomplish the goals that were set.
MLK Sr was an early figure in the American Civil Rights Movement. His son, MLK Jr became his dream carrier, and he finished what his father started.
by akuwardmoments August 1, 2017
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When a group, event, or profession is extremely saturated by people of South Asian descent, usually Indian.
Similar in concept to the sausage fest.
Rajesh: Yo, Erik, I got into med school! I'm headed to UCSF!

Erik: That's cool! Me, too! I'm gonna go to UCSD instead though.
Rajesh: Really? I thought you really wanted to stay in Norcal.
Erik: Yeah, but it's kind of a curry fest over there, and I don't feel like I'd fit in.
Rajesh: ..... okay.
by akuwardmoments January 28, 2019
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Similar to weaboos/koreaboos/sinophiles, but for Indian culture.

They fetishize Indian culture and tend to simplify it down to very few traits. Many curryphiles will obsess over Bollywood, Indian food, yoga, and might dabble in veganism or vegetarianism.

This can often be an outcome of visiting India for the first time and claiming to have a "spiritual awakening".
Jenny: Namaste, Karina! I visited India for the first time on a mission trip, and It was so amazing! The food was so good, I met all of these cute kids, and I'm definitely going to go back!
Karina: Jenny, why are you wearing a bindi?
Jenny: Oh, I just thought it was really pretty. Guess what? I decided I'd go vegan after my time in Hyderabad. I also signed up for a yoga class. Ahhh it's so cool! All of it!
Karina (under her breath): she's become a curryphile after a single trip...
by akuwardmoments February 8, 2019
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Facts, skills, and knowledge that make life worse after learning them. The content in question can range from mildly troubling to absolutely revolting.
Dave: Did you know that Google Home responds to "Hey, uwu" and "Okay, uwu"

Ben: *tries it*

*Google Home responds*

Ben: ... That is cursed knowledge, and
by akuwardmoments February 25, 2020
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A person who behaves in the manner the stereotypical dad would. This includes, but is not limited to, Hawaiian Shirts, dead memes, and the regular dad joke.

One need not be a dad to earn the title of "The Dadliest."
Paul: Guys, let's go get some food. I'm really hungry.
Tom: James, you truly are the dadliest of them all.
by akuwardmoments December 31, 2018
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Ken Allen (February 13, 1971 – December 1, 2000) was a Bornean Orangutan at the San Diego Zoo. He was among the most popular animals in the history of the zoo because of his many successful escapes from his enclosures. He was nicknamed "Hairy Houdini". His escapes included disassembling the cages he was meant to be kept in, climbing out of his enclosures, walking amongst the customers as though he were a regular, teaching other Orangutans to escape, and bully his arch-nemesis, Otis, another male Orangutan whom Ken Allen absolutely hates. He became a cult icon, not unlike Harambe.
Zookeeper 1: Oh my god, he got out again?
Zookeeper 2: ... Was it Ken Allen again?
Zookeeper 1: Yeah. And the other Orangutans got out of the enclosure, too. I think Ken taught them how to escape.
Zookeeper 2: HE DID WHAT!?
by akuwardmoments June 7, 2020
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A relaxed facial expression which perpetually holds an expression which can often be described as cute, awkward, and somewhat silly.

The word "derpy" is often used to describe such people.
Eric and Joe: Hi, Matt! :D

*Matt smiles awkwardly and gently waves as he passes them*

Eric: Aww, Matt's always so derpy all the time! I love that guy.

Joe: It's kind of his thing. He has resting derp face.
by akuwardmoments April 11, 2018
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