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A relaxed facial expression which perpetually holds an expression which can often be described as cute, awkward, and somewhat silly.

The word "derpy" is often used to describe such people.
Eric and Joe: Hi, Matt! :D

*Matt smiles awkwardly and gently waves as he passes them*

Eric: Aww, Matt's always so derpy all the time! I love that guy.

Joe: It's kind of his thing. He has resting derp face.
by akuwardmoments April 11, 2018
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When a group, event, or profession is extremely saturated by people of South Asian descent, usually Indian.
Similar in concept to the sausage fest.
Rajesh: Yo, Erik, I got into med school! I'm headed to UCSF!

Erik: That's cool! Me, too! I'm gonna go to UCSD instead though.
Rajesh: Really? I thought you really wanted to stay in Norcal.
Erik: Yeah, but it's kind of a curry fest over there, and I don't feel like I'd fit in.
Rajesh: ..... okay.
by akuwardmoments January 28, 2019
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A fantastic EDM album written by the ever popular Amercan DJ, Porter Robinson.

The album includes some well known tracks, such as Divinity, Sad Machine, Sea of Voices, Goodbye to a World, and many more.

People who listen to the music in this album are known to feel a rush of emotions to many of the songs. Robinson himself admits that these songs are extremely sentimental to him as well, and his audience feels that.
Chris: *singing along* "And though I know since you’ve awakened her again, She depends on you, she depends on you. She'll go on, and never speak of this again. We depend on you, we depend (I depend) on you"... *starts crying at the drop*

Mark: Yo, you okay?

Chris: Yeah. It's just the Worlds album. A lot of really feelsy music in this. Don't worry. I'll be okay.
by akuwardmoments January 16, 2019
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Facts, skills, and knowledge that make life worse after learning them. The content in question can range from mildly troubling to absolutely revolting.
Dave: Did you know that Google Home responds to "Hey, uwu" and "Okay, uwu"

Ben: *tries it*

*Google Home responds*

Ben: ... That is cursed knowledge, and
by akuwardmoments February 25, 2020
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To say "It wasn't me" when being accused of doing something bad.

This derives from the very popular song by Shaggy, "Wasn't Me".
He cheated on his girlfriend, but he decided to pull a shaggy and said it wasn't him. And this is the worst part: she believed him!
by akuwardmoments February 8, 2019
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A phrase used when doing tech-related work, usually something that isn't particularly difficult.

Its usage is similar to stonks.
When you use an HDMI cable to connect your laptop to the TV for screen mirroring

by akuwardmoments April 9, 2021
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A dead meme that returns to relevancy by some means, often via 4chan or reddit.

The appearance might not be exactly the same, but the format and idea behind the meme has not changed
OP: The pooh bear man of culture meme is just a repackaged expanding intellect meme. They're basically the same.

Guy in the comments: That's a zombie meme, my dude. An old meme that came back with a different look.
by akuwardmoments August 17, 2019
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