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A person with a hopeless addiction to boba tea.
I've had 30 cups of boba this week. Yeah, I think I'm addicted. I'm a full on bobaholic.
by akuwardmoments November 07, 2016

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A person who behaves in the manner the stereotypical dad would. This includes, but is not limited to, Hawaiian Shirts, dead memes, and the regular dad joke.

One need not be a dad to earn the title of "The Dadliest."
Paul: Guys, let's go get some food. I'm really hungry.
Tom: James, you truly are the dadliest of them all.
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by akuwardmoments December 30, 2017

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It has the same spelling as the metal hand cannon, but is pronounced "gwen." Gun is the Chinese word for staff or stick. The term refers to a long bamboo staff used in a number of martial arts, most notably in various styles of kung fu and wushu.
I told my friends that my martial arts style involves the usage of a gun. Then I told them the Chinese meaning. I'm not as cool as they thought I am.
by akuwardmoments July 11, 2017

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A person who is willingly living out the dream of another person who is unable to fulfil the given dream for any reason. They can either bring a dream into reality or finish what was already started. A dream carrier does NOT throw aside their own ambitions to fulfil those of others but instead uses them to increase their own personal drive to accomplish the goals that were set.
MLK Sr was an early figure in the American Civil Rights Movement. His son, MLK Jr became his dream carrier, and he finished what his father started.
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by akuwardmoments August 01, 2017

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A style of wushu involving the manipulation of a gun, which is a bamboo staff about one arm's length taller than the user. The style involves manipulating the staff in broad motions, meaning it requires a large amount of space, keen spatial awareness, and an even greater control over the weapon, as opposed to a sword.

While anyone can approach this style, it is ideal for someone who is tall and with a lean build. Power and flexibility are integral to this style.

When doing gunshu in competition, low stances, high jumps, sharp timing, and clearly defined moves get the best scores.
Student: I've completed the elementary longfist form. Can I start studying a weapon now?
Master: It seems that you are ready. Because you are tall and thin. Gunshu will suit you well.
by akuwardmoments July 07, 2017

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A reference to cuddling or spooning. Each 9 represents a person, and the rest can be seen.

It's basically 69, but wholesome
K: I wanna 99

M: What?

K: I'm little spoon ^_^

M: wha... ohhh, okay :)
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by akuwardmoments January 21, 2020

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A respelling of "simping", meaning to be in a sad or more emotional state, but the cause is not limited to unrequited love or attention. The use of the "y" is a nod to the word from which it is derived, "sympathy".
Jack: Hey, guys, I'm really not feeling the club tonight. I just don't feel great right now.

Tom: You know what, man, let's just go to the bar, open a tab, and talk it out.

Chris: It's a symping night, boys! Lay it all out, kings!
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by akuwardmoments January 18, 2021

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