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Person 1: Did you see Behind The Meme just killed the "Wot in tarnation" meme?
Person 2: Holy shit we need to stop him
by illegalpig March 04, 2017
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The worst Youtuber in 2017.

He "explains" the memes in the worst way.

He kills memes too.

He killed the Woah meme
Behind the meme: Welcome to Behind the meme and today we have a look at Crash Bandicoot's Woah!

Viewer: I'm gonna fucking murder that Behind the meme guy!
by BorberofMaker August 06, 2017
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A Normie that explains memes to other normie children and in an ironic way has become its own meme.
Friend: Hey do you watch behind the meme.
Me: What are you fucking gay?
by SPELL ICUP NIBBA September 17, 2017
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A YouTuber that is most hated on 2017.

Known for making memes, and most people think that he is making memes dead like a normie.

Now called a normie. BRUH
Sam: What is Behind The Meme?
Me: A stupid normie who makes memes dead.
Sam: Okay I am not subbing to him and reporting him
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by Definemission September 23, 2017
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This innocent guy simply likes to explain the origins of memes. His channel is really repetitive, but he doesn’t deserve all the hate he gets. Normies (who don’t know that they’re the actual normies, yes I mean the people who look at memes all day) claim that’s hes basically worse than the devil, because they’re immature and can’t live without their precious memes. How pathetic. People think he kills memes but I’ve never seen any proof of that. He even got doxxed once, shows how pathetic these “anti-normies” as I like to call them are.
Bob: Behind The Meme kills memes, he deserves the death sentence

David: Shut he fuck up, you’re pathetic, memes are your life ya loser.
by IIASCII June 01, 2018
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