7 definitions by aka

I heard Joan and Leslie were donut bumpin' all last night.
by aka April 29, 2003
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The best movie alive -- shows kids struggles and stuff about all types of kids with comedy romance and drama also under the breakfast club
does barry manilow know that u raid his wardrobe?
by aka March 13, 2005
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Trixie and Rajeev shipped together is RAXIE (nothing).
by aka October 31, 2017
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when the scrotum extends midway toward the tip of the penis.
woah holy SHIT did you see the fucking dicksack on Mister November?
by aka March 1, 2003
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a lil cute gurl wo is also compare to a kukla(doll)
damm tatev is 1 tought lil kukla
by aka March 12, 2005
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an armenian name decending from an armeninan hero vartan mamikonyan, who was very smart, strong and brave
vartan will defeat those dam turks
by aka March 10, 2005
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i have no example for this word so make 1 up for yourelf
by aka March 9, 2005
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