Noun:Awesome man. Made of epic win. Also means sexy.

Can also be used as a verb, meaning to win epicly or just be plain awesome.
Noun: "I am so Vartan..."

Verb: Dude... you totally vartaned that...
by Lord TOdd April 19, 2009
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an armenian name decending from an armeninan hero vartan mamikonyan, who was very smart, strong and brave
vartan will defeat those dam turks
by aka March 10, 2005
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A very attractive Armenian man that gives off BDE (big dick energy). Majority vote, he’s the Pete Davidson of the Armenian diaspora. Girls and gays can’t keep their hands off of him. He’s extremely creative and loves to use his skills to excel in his career. He’s so imaginative with his close circle that he can’t even call them by their birth name. It’s almost impossible. One of his many gifts is to create an amazing nickname for everyone which is his preferred method of orchestrating bonds with the people he cares about. He's very welcoming to the LGBTQIA+ community and his preferred pronouns are they/them. He is very inclusive to those of all shapes and sizes, furthermore, when it comes to his size, it’s incredibly clear G0d took his sweet and dandy time sculpting Mr. Sexy Pants. He has a thing for sloppy blowjobs from petite women with fat areola’s who ask him a lump sum amount of vital questions. Reminder, ladies with skinny areola’s do need/nat apply so don’t even bother. Everyone around them is OBSESSED with them and want them to be his daddy so fucken bad. He’s the type to keep his circle small therefore, becoming friends with him is hard because he struggles with people not accepting his passion of reading self motivating books that don’t work, foot play, and excessive outfits from Uniqlo. You can find him shirtless, talking to his three best friends all evening hours, so please consider this a warning. In conclusion, I C if you see if they see we see They in Chicago.
All They talk about is Vartan.
Did you see They? Dont even bother, he's a Vartan.
Is Vartan coming? No he's with his 3 friends
by ArtEra ViVaLiAr April 14, 2022
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An Armenian name which is also used to refer to human male genitalia.
Girl: So what are you up to today?
Boy: I'm going to play with my Vartan.
by John Moussa October 13, 2008
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