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Small Ontario city located on the shores of Georgian Bay, within the 'elephants ass' of the province (see map). Known to locales as the beer capital of Grey-Bruce county's, its populous of townie folk, older model cars, and several quite dirty, yet highly entertaining bars/clubs (eg. the Harb, Brothers, Jason's). Outsiders may be familar with the area due in part to the annual summerfolk festival, variety of fishing derby's, and ontario's largest outdoor christmas light's festival.

Also known as:
- O.S.
- The O-dot
- The Sound
- The Ass
- many others
good times had by all in owen sound
by ajd August 29, 2004

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a seemingly rural style in the pronounciation of the adjective "gross" in which the letter G is pronounced seperate from the rest of the word.

pronounced: GEE-rohs
i don't care if it's cherry, that pie is g-ross.
by ajd August 30, 2004

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a folf-rock/craft festival held annualy in Owen Sound, ON along the shores of georgian bay. due to the inherent populous of pot-heads who attend, the festival has come to be known over the years by some as 'summertoke'
dude, i got high just standing around at summertoke...and also checked out bruce cockburn, sweet.
by ajd August 27, 2004

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a once annual event orchestrated by a group of adolecences in which random artifacts or "junk" is collected prior to 'Goods-Exchange Day' and discarded on a fellow classmate's lawn known as UL. ensued by much laughter and boisterous behaviour.
man, did we ever hit UL with the drop- off this year!
by ajd August 30, 2004

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The resurrection of BLC, the greatest european handball team to grace the sport. Formed by seven male athletes attending SMHS in Owen Sound, ON, Canada during september 2001. As season progressed, team consisted of 7 players, 3 coaches, 1 trainer, a Manager, CEO and mascot. Disbanded one year later for personal reasons.

BLC 10 Wins, 0 Losses
Winner of 2001 SMHS European
Handball Championship

FAT JALA 9 Wins, 1 Loss
Runner-up in 2002 SMHS
European Handball
Champioship due in part to
bad officiating and a fluke
Long Live the spirit of Fat Jala.
by ajd August 16, 2004

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(the following definition refers to an Owen Sound townie).

an individual whose vestment normally consists of a "Snap-on Tools" jacket, ski-doo racing mesh-back hat, too-tight Levis jeans (circa 1980) and antiquated nike and/or brooks sneekers. can be commonly spotted in a 1982-1990 ford truck or possibly an early 1990s 2-door chevy cavalier (red or blue is quite popular) heading to the Beer Store (or "Orange Church) for a case of Labatt Crystal.
after purchasing their ski-doo jackets, billy and his friends inherently became townies for life.
by ajd August 30, 2004

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a local rendition of CBCs HINC (Hockey Night in Canada), standing for Hockey Night in Owen Sound.
J.H. hosts the best HNIOS games in the city
by ajd August 29, 2004

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