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Equivalent to "Go for it"
"Can I have a piece of your burrito?"
"Knock yourself out."
by adhesives May 26, 2003

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Someone who prefers to allow things of seeming enjoyment pass them by

Someone who prefers to "stick" (stay, remain) in the "mud" (a metaphor for despression and unhappiness)

derived from "to stick in the mud" ..
The time has come to thicken the blood //
and make no mistake i'm a stick in the mud //
by adhesives April 27, 2003

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to defile
to make dirty, stained, etc
Age sullies the innocence of childhood.
by adhesives May 04, 2003

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One bad motherf-
*adhesives smirks.
by adhesives April 30, 2003

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straight up gangsta..
a reflection of many things that don't make sense..
by adhesives May 29, 2003

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so funny that you have to use a stupid abbreviation and a wordgay smily to convey your smotion
CyberBunny789: and then she said "no, that's my modem!"
DrnknJoker99: LoL;)
by adhesives May 10, 2003

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a hokey inner city "bye-bye"
The fact that "stay up" isn't in the urban dictionary is proof that only geeked out nerds go to this website.
by adhesives August 31, 2003

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