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Person 1: Hey, come look in my FOTO album tomorrow!
Person 2: Sure!
by Davian July 28, 2007
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Fuck Off and Toss Off. Meaning: Basically, make like a tree and leave, and jack off while you are doing it. See you in hell faggot.
Hey, why dont you foto and roll out of here son, before you get jacked
by RLB & JLJ September 16, 2008
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A Race Invented By Lord Barron (NOT THE CLOTHING CO. THAT STOLE MY FAMILY NAME), name now changed to Th'eith due to the fact that FOTO sounds silly

the leader of the Fotoist empire is called Lord "Mervren" "Michael" Barron

stands for "Followers of the Order"
by The Real Lord Barron September 26, 2008
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Any photographic work that would be considered a cheap immitation.

Like cheap Chinese electronics, Fabulicious Fotos also smell like fish sauce.
Fabulicious Foto reeks of fish sauce!

It looks like the smarmy hack copied me and is only charging $299. But I think $299 is too much for what he offers. He should do it for $99.95!
by NoFish November 26, 2009
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The process of exposing the dermis skin layer to light therapy. Using IPL, (intense pulsed light) or various laser sources to deliver energy to cause the dermis to produce collagen and revitalize the exposed area.
We went to the medi-spa and received foto-derma treatments to help with our rosacea and acne conditions. We also used it to get our skin tightened and age spots eliminated.
by PJ Stewart March 15, 2007
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A professional Clash Royale gamer who won’t quit till he’s number 1
Wow... Spencer Foto is so good at Clash Royale
by Hero00003 November 12, 2018
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A photo of you standing where your ass is showing, often used in dutch slang
by Imafridge January 3, 2022
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