6 definitions by abstractlakx

A secret memer, who discreetly hosts the memer discord server - of which he now denies.
You heard? Quiggers is hosting the memer discord server again!
by abstractlakx February 21, 2018
a young male originating in donny, a bit of a witty cunt, he likes to think he's funny whereas in reality he's quite the opposite. The doppelganger of popular YouTuber ChrisMD, Joseph is a pro-gamer and also a massive virgin.
Look at him over there, is that ChrisMD or Joseph Proctor?
by abstractlakx May 11, 2020
An extremely shrivelled penis, usually the result of being in water for a long period of time.

Appearance resembles a shrimp.
Holy shit! I've got a shrimp on we've been in the pool for so long.
by abstractlakx August 20, 2019
The adjective used to describe a teacher who is sound.
Mr. Dickins is so sound, we might as well call him Kevin Maund
by abstractlakx February 20, 2018
The adjective used to describe somebody who acts in a manner that indicates that they are a shemale.
Have you seen Harry today? he's acting really shemalic.
by abstractlakx February 20, 2018