When you're fucking someone and you pull it and your penis immediately goes flaccid so you cannot continue fucking.
I was having sex and got a dead battery. She immediately left without saying goodbye.
by Pink Gold Peach February 27, 2016
an AO3 tag for smut fanfiction meaning the author of said fic is open to hearing about readers masturbating to the fic.
"its fine to tell me that you jerked off to my fics as long as the fic has the author is open to hearing about dead batteries tag."
by sharksrcool January 8, 2023
When your wife is sleeping hard and needs to wake up, so you go in for a quickie to jump start her day while attempting to climax right as she wakes up
I'll be a little late to work today, need to take care of a dead battery
by MPaaS4Life August 5, 2021