6 definitions by Zesteas

Fuck bruh I just broke my 200 dollar Macbook when I fell off the Apple Stairs‼️
by Zesteas October 16, 2021
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When two heterosexual males shove their fists into each other’s asshole. This could be done either for pleasure, or to show each other that they will do anything for them.
Frank, my wife just left. Can you come over here and give me a brofist?
by Zesteas March 15, 2019
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Man! You’re so cool, they should call you Zesteas!!
by Zesteas December 15, 2020
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Slang way of asking someone what he/she thinks of your outfit. If ever asked a question you don’t want to answer, say this. It works.
Person 1: Ayo were you fuckin my mom last night?
Person 2: rate my fit rq
Person 1: bro?
by Zesteas November 16, 2021
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A manmade cologne created by kjsmoothh. It’s mixed with a concoction of flavors and smells like shit.
Random guy: This cologne smells like someone took a shit!
Kjsmoothh: i just sprayed you with shitty salmon, sir.
by Zesteas December 7, 2021
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A phrase used to complement your friends stroking as he gives you a handjob.
Friend: *stroking your dick*
You: Ayo W Form, bro 😫💦
by Zesteas August 31, 2022
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