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A game for the Nintendo DS which is one of Nintendo's primary examples of games which 'break the mold' of videogames. It was created by Toshio Iwai, a multimedia artist in Japan, and published by Nintendo.

Electroplakton is not really a 'game,' exactly, as much as it is sort of an electronic musical toy, played on the Nintendo DS. there is no goal, no score, no timer, nothing to unlock, no skill levels, no nothing. Just a musical toy which can be used to create audio-visual art pieces (or not) by interacting with various sets of plankton, each of which have their own behavioral patterns and sounds. While many people will have a fun time creating unique musical beats and sounds, many people will also think that this game is a large waste of money. As of May 2005, it has only been released in Japan, and no american release information is available.
Person A: "Wow, this is really fun!"

Person B: "WTF?!? These graphics suck! How do I unlock the next level? Can I use the plasma rifle? I'm pwning you!!! I hate this fucking game!"
by Zeep May 22, 2005
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A slang term for sexual intercourse. The term was coined by Japanese students who were learning English. The term is often combined with a pelvic thrust motion and asked n the form of a question, as if asking if a person is suitable for sexual intercourse.
by Zeep June 18, 2005
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