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The Best music in the entire world, awesome driving beats, melodies and riffs pulled from outerspace, at once beautiful and dark.
Zac used to listen to other music, but since he went to see Shakta, he only listens to psytrance.
by Zed August 21, 2003

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To Urinate, To take a piss.
Australian Surf Culture.
I'm busting for a slash! I'm gonna take a slash!
by Zed October 05, 2004

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The time that comes during one's lifetime where God questions your worth; the moment which you must prove your reason for existing.
On D-Day, 1941
Sargeant: "Okay, troops! Here's the moment of truth!"
The soldiers had to prove their existance to God, in this case win the storming of Normandy.
by Zed December 19, 2003

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The biggest motherfucking animal on earth that will rip your face off before you can even say fuck that things gonna rip my face off! A chippyrat is 8 miles long and shoots machine guns out of its eyeballs.
Holy fuck thats one bigass chippyrat
by Zed December 30, 2003

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Wankstar is a street name for a wannabe
Pimp/Gangstar and is that name of a film company "wankstarfilms".
by zed October 23, 2003

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1. Transcending Bitch,a person who strives to be mean and is irritated by small things.
God, I thought my mom was bad, but your is a real bitchmonster...
by Zed August 21, 2003

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1. A mythical creature thought to live in forested, montainous regions away from human civilaztion and is frequently used as a scapegoat for people who mysteriously disappear while on dangerous expeditions.

2. A skier who has never skied before, but thinks that they are better than everyone else. Yetis are usually found tucking down double-black diamond hills and hitting jumps at full speed.
1. Naaa... that guy couldn't have run out of supplies or froze, he must have been kidnapped by a yeti!

2. {Coach with kids on a chairlift} Hey kids! Let's string our poles together and go fishing for yetis!
by ZeD March 03, 2005

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