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the same as hardcore, but for pussies wont admit that atreyu is hardcore
by Zed March 8, 2005
The time that comes during one's lifetime where God questions your worth; the moment which you must prove your reason for existing.
On D-Day, 1941
Sargeant: "Okay, troops! Here's the moment of truth!"
The soldiers had to prove their existance to God, in this case win the storming of Normandy.
by Zed December 20, 2003
crappy, girly, whiney, try to be punk music
blink 182, good charlotte, simple plan, and new found glory
by Zed July 17, 2005
Wankstar is a street name for a wannabe
Pimp/Gangstar and is that name of a film company "wankstarfilms".
by Zed October 23, 2003
To Urinate, To take a piss.
Australian Surf Culture.
I'm busting for a slash! I'm gonna take a slash!
by Zed October 5, 2004
Moste obsolete programming language in human history. Cause of the disease known as "COBOL fingers" where your fingers hurts from writing too many line of useless code, often ends in amputation.
I've wasted many hours learning COBOL
by Zed November 15, 2003
Someone who goes to school and learns everything by heart without trying to understand. Usually drops out fairly quickly and gets a lucrative job at the closest fast food flipping burgers on night shifts.
Remember that school monkey from 1st year? I saw her last night working at mcdonalds
by Zed December 6, 2003