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The biggest waste of time ever created by man; disgusting programming language that makes both your fingers and brain hurt at the same time; symptoms include unexplainable random rambling and mumbling, fever, headache, hair loss, irritability, depression, an all-consuming desire to be doing ANYTHING else, and various other psycho-somatic conditions.
If I have to write another program in COBOL I will chew my own hands off at the wrist!
by Flaren January 06, 2004
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The most commonly used application programming language used by business. Runs the worlds businesses. Sorry - JAVA can't do what COBOL can!!!!
Look at: Caterpillar, State Farm, Metavante, Sallie Mae just to name a few companies - they are all big COBOL shops
by COBOLqueen May 06, 2009
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Moste obsolete programming language in human history. Cause of the disease known as "COBOL fingers" where your fingers hurts from writing too many line of useless code, often ends in amputation.
I've wasted many hours learning COBOL
by zed November 14, 2003
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Old, high level programing langauge. Mostly out dated, still useful for simple mathematical/accounting applications. very simple to use
"I made that prog in COBOL"
by h4x0r November 16, 2003
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Lead me to my current stae of insanity.
"Please help me doctor,i am not well. Have youbeendrinking,,,COBOL...yes thats it!!!!"
by cory tee May 04, 2005
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An insipid Programming Language propagated by professors who do not know how to teach anything else.
Dude, that class is so COBOL!
by L33tn1nj4 September 29, 2003
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