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a party or a gathering of any people for reasons that are usually happy where the poeple interact and generally have a good time. a celebration can be for a birthday, holiday, promotion. celebrations can also be for no reason other then to see friends.
Person one: hey i am haveing a pool party wanna come?
person two: whats it for?
person one: no reason, i used wanted to have a summer celebration with my friends!
person two: awesome be there!
by ZarahMarieS April 23, 2008
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Arcadia Univeristy is a college that is located in Glenside, PA 19038. It is a relatively small college with classes that are the size of a High School. It specializes in sutdy abroad, and has a high percentage of women and people who are gay. They can also claim a percentage of students from several different countries, and most students study abroad by the time they graduate because for many majors it is a requirment. It cost like 37,000 (07/08) to live on campus and attend. They have a freshman spring preview, where some of the freshmand class can go to spain, london, scottland, or italy for spring break for something like 700$. It is located relatively close to Phili, and the majority of the population is from PA and leaves for the weekend. It is a good campus for students that like small classes (there are freshman classes that have been like 8 students big though the average is like 20-25). It used to be Beaver College and be an all girls school several years ago. Its name was changed when the college attained University status.
Person one: hey have you heard of Arcadia University?
Person two: no where is that?
Person one: Its in Glenside,Pa like near Phili.
Person two: oh that is the old Beaver College
by ZarahMarieS April 25, 2008
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THis is a type of body modification that has become popular in teen girls. THey wear belly shirts and bikinies to show off their belly button piercing. This is another form of expressing one's self that has been accepted by the mainstream of society. A needle is used to pierce the belly button. The needle is used for one person and then disposed of, never use a piercing place that does not get a new sterile needle for each person. Guns which can be used to pierce ear should not be used to pierce the belly button. These piercing is easily infected. A license is needed for an establishment to pierce the belly button.
person one: hey is that belly button piercing new?
person two: yeah I like it, because it looks nice with my bikini!
person one: really it looks all red and infected!
person two: yeah it got infected so i went to the doctor and got some antibiotics.
by ZarahMarieS April 30, 2008
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the day that you actually celebrate your birthday. it may acutally be on anniversary of your birht or it could be two weeks later. it doesn't matter.
person one: hey what are we doing for your birthday?
person two: nothing i have work that day but we are going to six flags on my birthday day
person one: awesome i am so there
by ZarahMarieS April 21, 2008
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a person who is young, naivee, or lacks the needed experience to do well in a situation. This is usually said when the person is most likely to fail or struggle. People can gain experience or become jaded and lose this trait.
person one: hey did you see the new guy?
person two: yeah he said he was going to talk to HR about the soda machine!
person one: he is definatly a babe in the woods, he'll learn or get a new job.
by ZarahMarieS April 30, 2008
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A word that means about the same as cool, but started as a way to differentiate between the two meanings. It has increasingly been used to replace the word cool in texts and notes between friends. It is used to express that something or someone is held in high esteem, an item is wanted, something is valuable, and/or and action was admirable.
person one: Hey what is that?
person two: Its my new ipod!
person one: Kwel!!

person one: O-M-G did you see Person do what?!
person two: umm let me think yeah!
person one: That was so totally kwel!
by ZarahMarieS April 25, 2008
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a person who makes you mad enought to want to shout at them without actually wanting to insult them. this word is a combination of whore and oreo. It is generally shouted at friends who are joking around or are being a tiny bit too annoying
person one: you whoreo!
person two: what i beg to differ i am not part oreo!
person one: yeah you are its a recesive trait.
person two: laughs
by ZarahMarieS April 21, 2008
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