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A more extreme term for 'Farib'.
"I got detention."

by ZaneyP00 February 23, 2022
A derogatory name you would call someone meaning keed.
"What are your thoughts on Reidy Boi?"

"What a Mongrel."
by ZaneyP00 March 7, 2022
A slang abbreviation of 'What is this?'
"I'm the best football player on Earth."

by ZaneyP00 February 16, 2022
A mad insult.

First said by Booth on August 11 2022.

Note: The opinions held by the one who says this may not necessarily represent the views of ZaneyP00.
Mix & Match: *speaks*

Booth: "Shut up you female!"
by ZaneyP00 August 22, 2022

A short was of saying 'no kid.'
"Do we have humanities today?"

by ZaneyP00 August 10, 2022
A slang abbreviation of 'I hate that kid.'
"You know Hitler?"

by ZaneyP00 February 22, 2022