The koneko was playfully batting at specks of dust floating in the air . . .
by Meew December 29, 2005
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koneko is a creature of outstanding beauty and has great ability to love over huge distances spanning the globe
by ZaPpeh April 20, 2005
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Koneko is someone who likes ZePpeh a lot
some crazy girlie from a far off land
by koneko April 24, 2005
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This is the only tailor that you would ever need for a maid outfit, he knows everything that there is to know about cosplaying hot anime bitches. I would like to say that he is gay but the amount of femboy shit that i have been sent by him is fucking hot as shit and i'm not gay I hope... He is the best roblox warrior, that is able to talk to kids without being a pedo i think, or so that he has told me, the kids that i have seen have gone missing but i don't think it koneko's fault, it was just a coincidence his mum told me. He is a desperate boy and drools at the thought of female relationship so far none of them have worked besides his mum and even i think she doesn't like him that much. Yubo is the way that he contacts the opposite gender 6 at once so i have heard. I wish him well at becoming pro in roblox volleyball. GG WP
Koneko James he touches the females on the volleyball court after he has dominated them while his mum watches and cheers him on POGCHAMP
by void24creed October 28, 2020
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A type of character who you’ll think exists but then over time will find out doesn’t and send you into a deep drilling hole of depression and alcoholism.
Bro! Your still in love with koneko toujo? Put down the drink dawg. : I love her sooo much bro why can’t I find her!!!
by Jordan7koneko August 30, 2020
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Wow check out that Koneko
by Hans217 September 29, 2023
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