An acronym standing for Hill Country Fare. Often cheaper than popular name brands, though the integrity of the quality remains debatable. Almost exactly how Walmart has the Great Value brands. A brand selling private-label products under H-E-B, along with others such as Central Market Organics, H-E-Buddy, Creamy Creations, and others.
Ghetto/money saver 1: Nigga, where you get this HCF brand, shit's dope
Ghetto/money saver 2:Dawg, H-E-B is where it's at!
by LegendZOfSin October 20, 2011
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Acronym; stands for "Hard Core Fuckin'". Very useful when describing what you did last night when in the presence of a group that includes your girlfriend, who subsequently was stuck at work on the night in question.
He said he was HCF'in last night, which is strange because he was at a family reunion.
by Twisted Phister March 07, 2005
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"Horse Cunt Face"
A girl who's features resemble that of a horse, long facial features, big nose, huge gummy teeth like a horse, who also acts like a cunt.
Taylor G. is such a HCF.
by Snoborderbabe9 September 01, 2010
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Halt and Catch Fire. Obscure but legendary microprocessor operation, supposedly included for test purposes, that could actually ruin the CPU chip.
"So, how do I end this program?"
"How do I pause in the middle?"
"How do I terminate a loop?"
by z October 27, 2004
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When you are playing hardcore factions whilst chilling with your mates in teamspeak!
bob: "what you doing later?"
john: "not a lot mate, might just hcf and chill"
bob: "yeah same man"
by hykurtis arsonpvp December 16, 2016
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A very toxic place, Sometimes a lifestyle for people, Doxxing and swatting happens quite regularly, A lot of broke randoms here, ask anyone to show over 10k and they are gone faster than chris brown in 2009.
The HCF Community - Yo, your going the fuck offline for the next 2 years, good luck paying for a new front door.
by jewm4n69 November 16, 2020
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