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adj. - mediocre in level of quality; lying somewhere between OK (or fine) and barely tolerable in one's opinion.
Friend1: "How did you find the movie?"
Friend2: "it was mehkay. I at least stayed awake through its entirety."
by YumiSpewns December 5, 2014
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an abdominal condition in which one's abs can only be seen if in the flexed position or state, then disappear when relaxed.
Man, I think I need to start reducing my beer intake, or switch over to the light calorie crap; my six pack is now their substandard version of peekaboo-abs!
by YumiSpewns October 14, 2011
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A term basically used when a man or woman temporarily makes due with someone as his or her mate, while actually still in search for a mate that bares superior superficial qualities for an ideal lover.
Shelly don't tell me, you've finally settled already? You just put yourself out there! You have to take your time to score the bigger better deal, girl!
by YumiSpewns November 26, 2014
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ambigusexual. am-big-yoo-sek-shoo-uhl or, especially Brit., -seks-yoo-

-adjective. Of, pertaining to, or exhibiting actions of sexual behavior that are in contrary with each other.

-noun. An ambigusexual person.
Paul: "Did you hear? Clifton just got thrown outta the 'World's Friendliest Karaoke Bar' in Seattle! On New Year's Eve Eve... even!"

Terry: "That's no surprise. That establishment holds in the deepest respects toward heterosexuals, bisexuals, transvestites, and hermaphrodites... But when it comes down to brass taxes; they hold a 'no tolerance policy' for ambigusexuals. It's established so that the regulars won't be left scratchin' their heads about a newcomer’s sexuality."

Paul: "Huh... it makes sense. But poor, poor Clifton, I'm fairly certain he was just trying to make some new friends. He sometimes tries too hard, and comes out overly enthusiastic. Did you know that he's actually straight?"

Terry: "Really?! That is surprising! I mean for a guy whose karaoke callsign is 'Marsha Marsha Marsha'!

Paul: "Yea... It's been that for years... It has somethin' to do with that show, 'Scrubs' and its Medical Doctor character, JD. It was given to him by a friend and he's been stuck with it ever since.
Strangely though, he treats it with a sense of sentimentality."

Terry: "Say no more! Message clearly received! 'Scrubs' is a great show! But poor, poor Clifton, what a confused soul he must be right now."
by YumiSpewns December 31, 2011
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Achronym for Furball Best Friend; A well fawned of friend, when at rest, resembles a ball of fur.
My dog, Gizmo is my FBBF.
by YumiSpewns May 28, 2010
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Coined from the terms of asshole and passive aggressive. The behavior that is exhibited by someone who is dissatisfied, uncooperative or unhappy but who doesn't want to be overtly mean or rude to the person who instigated their behavior. Instead the person just subtly behaving in a contrary way and not confronting the problem directly, he or she will be more likely to pass on their rage onto a innocent bystander.
It looks like Jacob is in his passhole aggressive mode again. After Sheila broke up with him, he unfriended 3 friends on Facebook, and not any of them have a clue as to why.
by YumiSpewns December 3, 2014
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A female who posts an online dating profile which obviously indicates her intentions in finding a mate that receives a bigger paycheck than herself. Coined from the terms bitcoin and hoe. (Also see bitwhore.)
Don't bother emailing her, she's obviously a bit-hoe! Reason one, she stated on her page twice that she's looking for someone who is "ambitious," which we all know is code word for "got bank!" Reason two, she indicated that her salary is $35,000-50,000, and yet she has selected in her preferences, that she's only interested in someone who makes $50,000 or higher; a profile resounding with earmarks of a bit-hoe, if I've ever seen one!
by YumiSpewns December 5, 2014
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