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amind war

and he is cool on the internet
i saw a reject in the forest
by your name February 16, 2005

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fruity artistic types, usually found on college campuses--almost all are art, drama, English, or music majors
"You're majoring in drama? You're not an art fag, are you?"
by Your Name July 16, 2003

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A little gay guy from romania,
the kind who kisses everyonde's ass, a real cock sucker.
allso known as: bursugay, bursucel, poponel, ciorba, cbr
famous quotes from Cobra:
"hai gabi, nu bagi botu si tu la savarina?"
by your name February 14, 2005

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1. an uncircumsised penis
2. a red faced goon
3. dirty shmegma infested thing, gross gross dirty
1. that boy is gross he has a corba
2. sam has a cobra , that sux man
3. your cobra smells gross get away from me
4. Only ugly girls liek cobras (mugly)
by your name February 22, 2004

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In Basketball, an assist or a pass that leads directly to a basket
"He dropped 10 dimes on them last night"
by Your Name December 01, 2003

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To have a piercing of one's PA. To then remove the piercing, and masturbate in such a way that when ejaculation occurs, the tip of the penis is covered in order for the semen to be expelled via the pierced hole.
Patrick Drummand is frequently involved in capping.
by Your name June 24, 2004

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