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Insert Tab A into Slot B.
George made wild buttsecks to his brother, Samuel.
by Your name March 05, 2005

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Supposedly the greatest rock band on earth but people need to stop and think about it some more. Just because a band has talent doesn't mean they put it together to sound good. Jimmy page's long drawn out solos take away the whole point of a song and turn them more into instrumentals. Robert Plant has the girliest voice in rock and dresses to match. John Bonham is way overrated and even though I hate Rush to Neil Peart is a way more talented drummer. John Paul Jones really does nothing for the band since you can never hear his bass and apparently they say he does extra sounds like synthesizers and crap but that only takes htting a button. They really never invented or barely innovated anything because the stones were doing it before them. Almost every Led Zeppelin song is slow and boring with Robert PLant crying his ass off and then calling it singing when it's not. They also have a problem with having enogh lyrics to fill out the 6-7 minute song they clog up a cd with. The lyrics may be the worst part of all, people say they have so much meaning but no one can actually prove where the meanings are. NOt everyone likes Led Zeppelin and no one should have to deal with all these die hard "Led Heads" and their pointless blabbering on how Led Zeppelin is so great when they really aren't.
Overrated band that really has no true substance
by Your name December 20, 2004

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Best duo on radio. Started at WAAF in boston until they were unjustly fired. Again unjustly fired in New York.
Opie and Anthony are so much better than that tool howard stern.
by your name January 06, 2005

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The way a GHETTO ASS black person pronounces the word cold.
Damn nigga, it's code up in herr.
by your name September 28, 2004

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What happens when a llama and a penis crossbreed.
My bunchie sure has a long erect neck.
by Your name August 18, 2003

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Funniest two cartoon guys ever. Piece of shit MTV took them off the air! At least we still have JACKASS. MTV sucks.
Beavis: "I am Corh-holio! My BUNGHOLE it goes.....rah! da da daaaaa!
Beavis: "Do you have pee pee? My bunghole will not wait! Bung-holiooooooooo!"
Butt-head: "Cut it out butt munch! uh huhuhuh..."
by Your name May 25, 2003

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Music Television.
Turned to crap, pure crap.
girl: MTV is soo cool.
by Your Name February 21, 2004

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