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44 definitions by Your Name

Modern day disco
Performers use computers to make music because they have no talent to do so themselves. The culture it has spawned is the same as the club culture of the late 70's early 80's, the only difference being ecstacy has replaced cocaine as the drug of choice. Popularized by attention deprived youth who fill the lack of love in their life with relationships based on common ecstacy experiences.
we don't need any examples, we all know what this is.
by Your Name January 17, 2004
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the family next door to you in your trailer park who live off of welfare checks and child support from thier dead-beat spouse, who are too cheap to legally devorce and spend all thier money on crack and booze, and often neglects their children, and live in a trailer of about 10 people, and take shits in thier bathtub after their toilet overflows, and whos cleanliness is often un-bearable. Whos mother is a crack-whore, and has booty-do, and whos ass is wider than her shoulders are.
by Your Name May 8, 2004
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my ass is sore from laughing it off
ha, lol, lmao, rofl, roflmao, roflmaolol..... mais flio
by Your Name July 12, 2004
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A KICK ASS rock four-some from the UK. VOCALS/GUITAR: Pete Doherty(sometimes) VOCALS/GUITAR: Carl Barat
DRUMMER: Some kick ass black dude BASSIST: Some guy with sharp cheekbone structure.
The Libertines kick ass yo!
by Your Name October 9, 2004
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slutty and / or whore-ish ... super horny fiend
royce is a severe tiger.
by Your Name September 21, 2004
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synonomous with butthead but nicer.. sounding anyway.... tailored for smaller ears.
In earshot of a toddler??? yell SMUTTHEAD!! in traffic instead. mix well with evil looks that do not draw attention to you.
by Your Name July 27, 2003
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