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Rock chip repair, Auto Glass and Heavy Equipment replacement! FREE mobile service! 30+ years of service to the East Texas area!"
by Your bob August 30, 2022
l e a v i n g l a s t ? t u r n o u t t h e l i g h t s !

Turn Out The Lights (also known as Jerry Kilowatt) is a creature created by Trevor Henderson.


Since there is only 1 picture of TOTL, with him being only a silhouette, so it is unknown what exactly he looks like. However, it is presumed that he looks like the figure on the sign in the picture reading "Leaving last? Turn out the lights!", a cartoon character that appears to look like it's from an old show, similar to the other cartoon monsters. He has dark zig-zag shaped limbs and a white, light bulb head. He also has white gloves with the lines commonly seen among cartoon characters, and on the gloves of Cartoon Cat and Cartoon Dog, supporting the theory that he is their relative, or has a similar origin.
Turn Out the Lights Is in Trevor Henderson
by Your bob August 31, 2022
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AUGGGGHH! This completely original superhero is overrun with spiders! Action figure is 3.75 inches tall.

Spiders, Man figure may vary. Limit one per customer (if you buy more than one your order will be canceled).
Obvious Plant: Covered in Spiders, Man Is action figure spiders all over it

Obvious Plant
by Your bob September 2, 2022
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Join Red and many other characters as they crash into Polus, have to complete tasks, and fix the ship. Can Red and his fellow crewmates find a killer before this all comes crashing down? Made from Arificial.
Arificial: I read this comic call Among Us The Comic: Polus
by Your bob September 2, 2022
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The lies nick fish is a reddish orange Fish
What is bloodshot eyes in the Creepy pasta Called Lies
Lies nick fish
by Your bob August 31, 2022
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Hey I’m going down the 🛝


Gary: where are you where are you

Bob: at the 🛝
by Your bob August 30, 2022
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Get your fresh spongeboi memes here

This channel is not for kids, 13+ only.
AquaticNeptune: Big funny SpongeBob videos Ha Hah Hah Hah

Bob: ok
by Your bob September 13, 2022
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