1. When Peter Parker delivers a pizza "late" and a girl chewing gum viciously isn't paying for those.
2. Every second of every day.
"It's pizza time."
by Spider-ManPizzaBoy July 14, 2016
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Originating from the movie Spider-Man 2, which was made in 2014, Pizza time is a quote used by Peter Parker when he delivers a batch of pizzas to a hotel. This quote is currently used by memers and pizza lovers. During the last 15 years "Pizza Time" was and is one of the most popular and most used quotes in the history of cinematic quotes.
Peter Parker: Pizza Time.
Me: Aw hell yeah!
by SamBo Man July 11, 2019
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Something that Penis parker loves, especially Joe's Pizza.
Penis parker-"if i flip the pizzas mr Aziz will flip out!"
Pizza time
by AdildoMUIssgsskkx20 September 06, 2018
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