A mask any sensible roadman wears when he’s tryna do up an oppboy or Paigon. Sometimes a balaclava or bandana.
Step opp block and you know man came with that Bally
by Perc. October 25, 2018
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Bally (n).
(also to bally (verb))

To walk off on the people you're with to god knows where during a night out, without telling them, for no particular reason.
Usually when completely hammered.
"Lad, what happened to you last night!?"
"Mate I have no idea!"
"I do, you ballied us you little sweat!"

"I think I just got bored, thats when I did a bally."
by excess baggage January 04, 2009
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A Class-A drug, snorted if ground into powder or smoked.

To be high on bally is to get 'bally'd'
"Charlotte was bally'd last night!"
"Yeah I told her to lay off the Bally, but she just wouldn't listen"
by LSMT February 23, 2017
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A Glaswegian slang term to describe being drunk.
Aww aye, I was pure ballied last night.
by TillyOnTop March 13, 2018
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a rag that covers your face such as a bandanna or balaclava
this guys hot walkin round with a bally on
by Cheza November 09, 2006
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